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Spiked Leg Trap for 28mm tabletop gaming
by AJade
Wagon and Cart for 28mm
by ProfessorChubbs
Kobold Chef
by soaringthor
D&D scenery: Water pool for Tomb of Annihilation - Obo'laka's shrine. OpenLock compatible
by Ashen81
Lizardfolk Monk
by Valandar
Sand Dragon
by Syllogy
Rust Monster for 28mm tabletop gaming
by AJade
Giant spider for 28mm tabletop gaming
by AJade
Artificer Spider Familiar
by mz4250
Cultist (Updated)
by mz4250
Interplanar Dutchess with Pet Mimic (32mm scale)
by dutchmogul
Tentacled Abomination (JOIN PATREON)
by rocket_pig_games
NPC Collection 2
by mz4250
Dungeon Marker for Radiant Damage
by melabam
OpenLock Towne Primary Floors (Wood)
by devonjones
Eldritch Necromancer (18mm scale)
by dutchmogul
Delving Decor: Shoddy Cart (28mm/32mm scale)
by dutchmogul
Kobold Chieftain
by mz4250
Johan, hammer wielding ranger (32mm scale)
by dutchmogul
Ronald Jackson, Telepathic Privateer (18mm scale)
by dutchmogul
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