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Tortle Warrior
by RGSculpt
Tortle Wise
by RGSculpt
Tormentor from Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus - Infernal War Machine
by IrishCyborg
by artofmike
by amini3d
Ogre from D&D Essentials kit
by sergeantr
Supportless Barrel Mimic
by samzeid
Wandering Warrior w/ Cursed Sword
by rondocbondoc
Fantasy medieval knight with great sword
by PollyGrimm
Skeleton Mage with Fire Hands
by mehdals
Gnoll (28mm DnD miniature)
by Maypole
Kaiju Alpharius with Mauling Claws
by Gr4zhopeR
Beholder - D&D Monster
by dca_tabletop
Bandit with sword 28mm (no supports needed)
by BriteMinis
Female assasin fixed for print and on a base
by boris3dstudio
Sorrowsworn - The Angry
by mz4250
Old Priest (Warlock)
by boris3dstudio
Rabbit Archer
by schlossbauer
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