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28mm Banana Knight v2
by BigMrTong
Fallout 4 Deathclaw
by Tau34RUS
Umber Hulk
by MagicEngineer
Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf Miniature
by mz4250
Lost Wizard
by Fabelzel
Living Bones with Long Sword and Tower Shield
by Syllogy
Triceratops beast of Burden for DnD
by Catastrophecu
Giant eagle dnd
by Sijtze1996
Alien - Xenomorph-ish Miniature
by brimstone326
Baboon - D&D Miniature
by brimstone326
Rust Monster (Classic RPG) Miniature - 25mm base
by rocketspaceboy
Demogorgon (Classic D&D Pawn) - Stranger Things - RPG
by rocketspaceboy
Eyestalk Monster
by uppalong
Castle Wall Sample- Kickstarter Live & Funded
by GameScape3D
Hogwizzard (18mm scale)
by dutchmogul
threednd sign post
by donald_stouffer
threednd wooden crates
by donald_stouffer
threednd version 2 tavern corner door
by donald_stouffer
Stone Strongholds | Stone Floor
by donald_stouffer