021 THE EMERALD Samoarks Samoa Hawaiian Tribal Tropical Orc and Goblin Tiki Shark Rider by printerra


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Weapon: sword Weapon: dagger Class: barbarian Class: rogue Location: ocean Location: sea OtherDescription: collection CreatureType: orc Location: swamp Location: hills OtherDescription: mounted CreatureName: shark CreatureType: humanoid CreatureType: familiar CreatureType: fish Location: tropical Location: forest Class: thief Weapon: slingshot Gender: Male CreatureType: Beast Race: Goblin Race: Orc Use: Mini Genre: Fantasy CreatureName: Cat SourceBook: D&D Weapon: hook Location: arctic OtherDescription: Bundle Location: underdark Location: Underground Location: Desert Location: Plains Location: Mountains Location: Aquatic Class: assassin Set SourceBook: pathfinder OtherDescription: pack CreatureType: animal Location: urban Location: Underwater OtherDescription: presupported SourceBook: Basic Rules SourceBook: Monster Manual (D&D 5e) SourceBook: Volo's Guide to Monsters (D&D 5e) Class: Cavalier Location: darklands CreatureType: goblinoid Location: grassland SourceBook: Bestiary (PF1e) SourceBook: Bestiary (PF2e) rider frying pan CreatureType: cat wheel samoan