Goblin Trouble - Loot Studios by LootStudios

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Class: fighter Class: caster Class: wizard Class: ranger Class: rogue Class: archer OtherDescription: collection CreatureType: hobgoblin Location: hills Class: warrior CreatureType: fiend CreatureType: humanoid Purpose: chest Class: spellcaster Purpose: brazier Location: forest spike Gender: Male Gender: Female Race: Human Race: Dragonborn Race: Monster CreatureName: Bugbear Race: Goblin Use: Mini Use: Scatter Genre: Fantasy Purpose: Pillar Purpose: Skull Scale: 32mm Class: alchemist SourceBook: D&D CreatureType: Shapechanger OtherDescription: Bundle Location: underdark OtherDescription: Banner Location: Underground CreatureName: Barghest CreatureType: Outsider Location: Desert Location: Plains Location: Mountains Set SourceBook: pathfinder OtherDescription: pack OtherDescription: presupported SourceBook: Basic Rules SourceBook: Monster Manual (D&D 5e) SourceBook: Volo's Guide to Monsters (D&D 5e) Class: Cavalier Location: darklands CreatureType: goblinoid Location: grassland SourceBook: Bestiary (PF1e) SourceBook: Bestiary (PF2e) Scale: 75mm CreatureName: Goblin Dog

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