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Zodiac Bundle B by porcskulpt9


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Weapon: sword Weapon: dagger Armor: unarmored Weapon: bow Clothing: cloak Armor: helmet Class: caster Clothing: robe Class: monk Weapon: unarmed Class: barbarian Class: rogue Weapon: stick Weapon: staff CreatureType: monster Armor: armored Weapon: spear Armor: armoured CreatureType: shaman Weapon: twohander CreatureType: wolf CreatureType: hound CreatureType: dog CreatureType: bandit CreatureName: buffalo CreatureName: goat CreatureName: snake CreatureType: feline CreatureType: monstrosity CreatureName: horse CreatureName: minotaur CreatureName: farmer CreatureName: pig CreatureType: serpent Class: warlock Clothing: hat Class: spellcaster OtherDescription: gladiator Clothing: tunic Clothing: backpack Weapon: short sword Clothing: mask CreatureName: tiger OtherDescription: spearman Class: adventurer Location: forest CreatureName: rat Class: thief OtherDescription: soldier Class: artificer Gender: Male Gender: Female Race: Monster Race: Other CreatureType: Beast Use: Mini Genre: Fantasy Weapon: cleaver Scale: 28mm Scale: 32mm Scale: Heroic CreatureName: Boar Race: ratfolk tiny beast CreatureName: war horse CreatureName: chinese dragon CreatureName: Rabbit Race: Yakfolk Location: Underground Class: assassin

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